… Don’t know what to call it..

So, I guess I’m a little depressed.. 

Leaving France wast not the worst thing to do.. But right now, when I have gone back to my life.. I feel no purpose anymore. I know there’s a whole life waiting for me out there, and that I can have a fucking (pardon my language) amazing time here in Norway as well, but right now, i’n just a little D to the E to the PRESSED about this whole thing.. Leaving for Francewas the best decition ever taken, and I knew it would come to an end some day, but it fucking sucks thinking that one of my best years just passed me, just like that, and now it’s gone.. 

This f’en sucks.. 

I need to get out! Even though I don’t feel like it.. I have to go out! So please call me, anyone! Meet me up! Give me some moral! .. 

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Hearts Burst Into Fire

I’m Coming Home, I’ve Been Gone For Far Too Long, Do You Remember Me At All?!

I’m coming home..

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My Last Day in France..

Oh god.. This day has come. I thought it never would! In the start I wanted it so bad, but now, I just wish it was a year away from here!

Shit, I don’t want to leave! I really don’t! This has been the best year of my entire life (so far), and I just can’t believe it’s over! Buuhuu!
I feel such pitty for myself! I wish I could stay! But oh well.. I guess this has to happen..

I have had a great year though! It has been amazing! All the people I’ve met! All the things I’ve done! All the cities I’ve seen! All the places I’ve been to! All the emotions I’ve felt! This has truly been a year of pleasure! I haven’t had so much fun before! God.. All the things I’ve done!
This year has kind of been a real rollercoaster! In the begining, it went down and it was awful, I remember crying all the time cause I didn’t understand anything.. But then after a couple of months, the rollercoaster went up, and I started to understand, and I’d found some friends at school! And then I started progressing in the language, and I could understand pretty much! Then around christmas-times, it was awesome! I had managed to find close friends, and I was doing well in school! Then, I changed family again, and the rollercoaster took a loop, and my life turned upside down, again.. I did find it very hard in the start, but luckily there were like some nice people in my class, and I also had all the other Norwegians! Then I got sick, if you remember it, I had a cyst, so that kind fo sucked.. But as the time passed, I got closer and closer my friends, and just the thought about leaving them now, just breaks my heart..
But I guess that’s life! And I love life! LA VIE EST BELLE! That’s true! She’s soo beautiful!
If I could choose, I would have stayed for longer! A lot longer! There are so many things I haven’t done yet! Still so many things to experience!!!!

Well, I guess that’s it.. I had the best year of my life! And it’s not that I don’t want to go back to my country, but I just love France!
Several people have asked me what I will miss the most, and without thinking, I’ve said: The Freedom! Here, just, like, I feel so free! Free in the way that I have been able to do everything all alone (not in the way of a nudist)! I have of course had help for support and stuff, but it is really me who have done this! I have managed 9 months in a country where I didn’t know anyone, where I didn’t know anything, where I didn’t speak there language! And now, I have friends, I know a lot about France and the language French that not even French people know (I am over exaggerating a little, but whatever!), and I can proudly say that I speak French fluidly! I’m so proud of myself! I really have done it!
(<– I never put smilyfaces, but now I had to kind of!)

I found this photo on instagram, yeah, I got it (Freencha), and this photo just says it all!

Thank you France and French people, and everyone I have met on the way, for making my year her unforgettable!  I will never forget you!

(Me happy! Really happy! Thank you again for everything!)

– À bientôt! (I will keep blogging by the way! Just until I have settled down in Norway again!)

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So, I have 7 days left.. It’s true what they say: It’s hard to go, and it’s hard to leave!

So, I don’t know.. I can’t really sleep that well, and I don’t want to say goodbye! I feel my tears streaming just the thought of saying “Adieu!”

This has been one of the best years of my lufe (at least so far) and that’s why it’s so hard! Cause when I leave from France, that year will be over! D you know how sad it is to think that one of the best years of your life is finished?!
Well.. To look on the birght side, I have no more homework (I won’t do the BAC), and we have “school”!
And Friday is my goodbye party! I’m having it with two of my best friends here (who also are exchange students), Siiri and Line! I can’t wait! I’ll take a lot of pictures, so all of you who can’t come can still check out what you missed! (I’m cruel I know!)

Well, It’s 11 o’clock in the morning, it’s Monday, and I have one hour of school today! Apperently we don’t have Physics and Chemistry or Sciences! Because everyone is having it together next Monday (though I won’t be there).. OH GOD! I DON’T WANT TO LEAVE!

Like, you don’t get in a good mood thinking you have to start saying goodbye to people.. I had this part.

Anaïs (a girl from class, I’m going to miss a lot!) and me!  

– À bientôt

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My 18th Birthday!

SO! My birthday was on Wensday! And I can confirm that it’s weird to celbrate your 18th birthday without your family! But it’s was really good as well!

So, I woke up, and in Norway (in my family), we normally wake up really early to make hot chocolate and breakfast to the birthdaykid, so he(r) can get it on the bed! And then we normally give the gifts in the morning! But here in France, they don’t have this tradition, so it was a little weird to wake up alone! But LUCKILY! My ex-host family, sent me a present, that I got the day before, so I got to open it in the morning! And I was soo happy! They gave me this really funny card! where it said: L’age n’a pas d’importance, l’on qu’on se soucie de rien. Which means: Age has no importance, as long as we don’t care about nothing!
And then they also gave me a “Louis Attaque” CD!

 This is the CD. It’s called “Du Monde Tout Autour”!

Later, I went to school, and Craoline (by best friend in class), brought me a birthdaycake! And it was really good! Eventhough it was halfly carbonicezed! ..

Then, we didn’t have English, so I had three hours to eat, and Siiri and Line came early, and we had lunch together, with Vilde aswell! And it was really nice! Everyone were kind of angry, cause we had just lost the location for our Go-AWAY-PARTY!.. BUT NOW WE’VE FOUND A NEW PLACE! 😀

And, when I got home, I ate dinner with my host parents and my host sisters, and they gave me gifts and cake and stuff! I was soo happy! They were really cute!
First they gave me my favorite chocolate: After Eight!
Then they gave me a magnet-board with photos of converse-shoes in different colours! And they had put different photos of all of us together! And its was really nice!

And the cake was really good! MMM!

Well, later on, I talked to my parents on Skype, and they sang the birthday song, and we talked, and it was really nice! I am very excited to see my parents and family again!

Well! Still have a great day!

– À bientôt

  Life is ment for sharing!

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France = The Good Life!


Today, the weather i soo nice! And I feel in a really good mood! I was at a cinema yesterday! with Vilde, one of the Norwegians from mt school, and it was hillarious! xD
Here, in France, they have like a cinema that’s called “Les 400 coups” who have movies like on the orignial language with French subtitles, and then they also have  smaller films, like films besides “The Avengers” and stuff!

So, we saw the movie: CHERCHER LE GARCON, whch means “Finding the boy”..

So, it was about a middle-aged woman, who signed her self on an internet site to meet guys, and it’s amovie about all her dates, and stuff! And it’s hillarious! and SOO AWKWARD! haha! There’s especially this one guy, who likes has a fetish with Playmobil toys, so he like ties her up, and puts Playmobil toys around her..

(Definately worth watching!)

So, after the movie, Vilde went home, and I stayed with some friends in town, before I went home!

God! I really LOVE the LIFE IN FRANCE! It’s so free! You’re FREE! I just feel alive here! The GOOD LIFE!

And that’s why it’s going to be awful to leave.. And I leave in 2 weeks! I remember one year ago, when I was getting prepared to go to France, and I was reading  blogs, and everyone said that they were kind of excited to go home, but they weren’t ready to leave! And I feel totally the same! I can’t wait to come back home, and see all my friends again! And to work a little, and to speak my own language all the time! (even though I hate the Norwegian language.. – it’s ugly).

But I guess it’s going to be good! It’s just the feeling about leaving all this wonderful people I have met! French people (at least some of them) are really nice people. And also the foreigns here! I feel like crwling into a hole when I think about leaving my foreigners! All the good times we’ve had together!

Siiri, she’s Finsih, that’s one of them! And the fact that she’s going back to Finland, is killing me! I just feel like kidnapping her, so she can leave with me in Norway! I mean, she already speaks a little Swedish, so she could probably learn Norwegian!
OH! My Siiri!

(A few photos of me and Siiri!) God JE T’ADORE!!!! 

Here’s a film of me and Siiri, singing our favorite song, by The Lonely Island!

(Speaking of Mothers day! That’s next weekend! I got to buy something for my hostmother! )

WELL! I’m going to eat now! I feel almost like throwing up, cause I ate a lot of bread dipped in hot chocolate this morning! But whatever! I’m going to eat some salade!

Whatever! It doesn’t concern you anyways! Have a great day! I have to do homework today!… (Luckily I’m studying for the last test, cause soon it’s over!)

– À bientôt!

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SO! As I haven’t blogged for a really long time, many of you (between the 5 people reading my blog), don’t know that I went back to Norway for a week! It’s like two weeks ago, wait, it’s like 16 days since! But whatever! It was AWESOME!

and HORRIBLE AT THE SAME TIME! This was because I got to see my parents again, and all my friends, and then I had to leave again saying; “I’ll see you in a month then!”

The best was probably to see my parents again! I remember crying when I saw them for the first time after 235 days away! It was very emotional! And soo nice!

I actually went home because my uncle was getting married, and I was soo happy that STS agreed on letting me go to the mariage!

(I can’t turn the photo for some reason, but this is my uncle and his wife/my aunt!)

This is how I dressed in the weeding, for those of you who are interested! Some guy came up to me during the evening saying: you know that your coat makes you look like and angel!
And I was like: I was actually going for a more peacock-look.. but thanks!

(my under-aged brother, who drank to much, and fell asleep!)

(you just wanna go: awww!)


Well, back to the est things about coming home!, the second best thing, was that no one knew I was coming home (except my parents, cause someone had to pick me up on the airport), so I surprised all my friends! And it was a blast!

So, the first person I surprised was my BFF, Gina! I came Thursday night, and I immideetly called her mother to hear if she could open the door, so I could sneek in to Gina’s bed! She could of course, and Friday morning, 6.30, I woke up, to surprise her!

(This is the video I made the day before I went to Norway!)

So, this is the result from Friday morning when I srprised my BFF!

(I’m sorry for all the heavy breating, I had been running, and I was really excited as well!)

(me, Rebecca, and Gina, when Rebecca came back home from Telemark!)
(my brother and I when I picked him up from school! )

I can honestly say that I had a great time, and it was so good to see all my friends again! And to surprise them all! Now, it’s only two weeks left!..

(me and Sigrid!)

(I got to eat a Norwegian breakfast after 9 months!)

And then I came back home, the 9 of may!

– À bientôt

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