… Don’t know what to call it..

So, I guess I’m a little depressed.. 

Leaving France wast not the worst thing to do.. But right now, when I have gone back to my life.. I feel no purpose anymore. I know there’s a whole life waiting for me out there, and that I can have a fucking (pardon my language) amazing time here in Norway as well, but right now, i’n just a little D to the E to the PRESSED about this whole thing.. Leaving for Francewas the best decition ever taken, and I knew it would come to an end some day, but it fucking sucks thinking that one of my best years just passed me, just like that, and now it’s gone.. 

This f’en sucks.. 

I need to get out! Even though I don’t feel like it.. I have to go out! So please call me, anyone! Meet me up! Give me some moral! .. 


About Life Receptionist

Ye-llow! I'm Dina Ballerina, And I've been many places, and going abroad again soon! For now, I'm just sitting at my desk, deciding if I prefer my blue or black pen. When working as a receptionist, you have a lot of spare time, so I will also philosophate about things, or not. Don't know! Coo man!
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One Response to … Don’t know what to call it..

  1. Hey Dina! I found you in the most bass- ackwards ways possible but when I got here I read your posts and I really enjoyed them. If you’re still around, feel free to get in contact with me! I’d love to talk!

    Looking forward to it,

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